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Malta Company Redomiciliation


Maltese law provides for the continuation or redomiciliation of foreign companies to Malta. In terms of the Companies Act and of Legal Notice 344/2002, companies that are incorporated outside of Malta may change their domicile to Malta under certain terms and conditions. Foreign companies that wish to register in Malta now need not wind-up their foreign business and re-incorporate in Malta, but can instead move their domicile to Malta while the former company set-up remains in existence.

We are able to assist you in the relocation of your overseas company to Malta to take advantage of Malta as a tax-efficient European business base.

Transfer of Company Domicile to Malta.

  • Foreign companies can register in Malta without winding-up their foreign business

  • No need for re-incorporation in Malta

  • Transfer of domicile to Malta while the old company set-up remains in existence

  • Redomiciled companies can enjoy Malta favourable tax rules

Types of Malta Companies.

Malta International Trading Companies "ITCs".

  • Onshore European companies

  • Normal corporate tax rate on worldwide income at 35%

  • Tax Refunds to non-resident shareholders of up to 31%

  • Possible Effective Tax rates of 4%

  • Favourable double-taxation agreements with key countries.

  • Confidential shareholding possible.

  • Fast-track incorporations (24hr service)

Malta International Holding Companies "IHCs".

  • Tax-efficient European onshore holding company

  • Normal corporate tax rate on worldwide income at 35%

  • Possible effective tax rates on holding income of 0-6.25%

  • Confidential shareholding possible.

  • Fast-track incorporations (24hr service)

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